About Us

Our goal is to deliver a designed heating system which will out perform your expectations. We offer Consultancy, design, installation and Commissioning with a superb aftercare service. Eurotech has grown out of a belief that customers will invest in heating solutions which protect the environment while creating sufficient savings to repay investment in five years.

Eurotech established in 1979 as an underfloor heating company built its business using high quality products installed to German Din standard. This policy remains in place to the present day.

Eurotech interface with Architects, Engineers, and Consultants on our clients behalf to simplify the process. 2006 seen the launch of our "A rated heating solution", which changed the companies direction due to unprecedented demand. Intense mechanical design, careful product selection and integrated heat management installed and commissioned proved the winning formula.

Predicted running costs at design stage are verified by our on site cost monitor while the comfort is something you can monitor and enjoy yourself.

The Eurotech solution is a carefully engineered integration of EuroFast underfloor heating, Ochsner Geothermal or Airthermal heat pumps and EuroSmart intelligent heating controls.

The Atag weather guided condensing boilers bridge the gap for some customers in the transition to becoming fully renewable.

A key element of success is a firm commitment to employing workers who are dedicated and experienced, knowledge is critical when creating highly technical solutions. Installers who worked on installations are now project managers and supervisors. They have dedicated their lives to developing this technology to the extreme to create the perfect result every time.

Mission Statement

Eurotech are dedicated to providing high quality renewable heating solutions delivering lowest possible running costs to commercial, public and private sector, reduce their carbon emissions and return on investment.

Guided by principle

• Quality products from renowned European manufacturers.
• An innovative approach to sustainable design
• Years of experience to achieve excellence in the field of sustainable heating.
• Maintenance support to all equipment in our design package.
• Offer the highest quality service and aftercare.
• Provide carbon reduction to exceed current regulations.
• In house engineers trained in applied technologies.
• Regular training program to upgrade and up-skill engineers.
• Ensuring familiarity with equipment and technological advancements to benefit our customers.
• Integrating technologies with user friendly controls.
• Customer support and upgrades where appropriate

Meet the Team

Aiden McGarrell

Aidan McGarrell

Mechanical designs engineer

Aidan will insure all system designs are compliant to relevant regulation and tailored to maximise efficiency and performance.

Paul McGarrell

Paul McGarrell

Projects manager

As project co-ordinator, Paul is in charge of scheduling work and assigning engineers to projects. He co-ordinates timescales, materials and responds to site enquiries.

Daryl Duffy

Daryl Duffy


Daryl is the installations and admin. Supervisor with overall responsibility to insure projects are properly installed fully commissioned and contract completed.

David Sewell

David Sewell

Electronic design manager

David co-ordinates the integration of a bespoke control solution EuroSmart to manage the mechanical functionality and programming.

Gary Duffy

Gary Duffy

Commissioning manager

Gary sets the standards for commissioning. All Eurotech installations are checked according to Eurotech standards, ensuring that the complete system is running at its highest efficiency.

Pauric Connolly

Pauric Connolly

Aftercare Control

Pauric will insure an effective response to customer queries; ensuring regular service is offered to completed domestic and commercial projects.

Gerard Duffy

Gerard Duffy

Managing director

‘I founded the Eurotech company to help bridge a gap in the market, I set out to provide a heating solution which concentrated on reduced running costs. In the late 70’s and early 80’s there was little talk of ‘sustainable’ and ‘renewable’ however running costs, heating bills and energy prices were very topical issues. Solid fuel grants became available when high oil prices rocked the oil heating market and consumers went from being automated by oil to man handling solid fuel cookers and stoves. This was a step in the wrong direction.’

Having a mechanical background was helpful however success was largely based on delivering results.   I believe in creating the best possible design to deliver comfort with the minimum amount of energy and maximum amount of renewable energy being used.

Agnes DuffyAgnes Duffy

Managing director and head of human resources

Agnes a founding member of Eurotech ensures the welfare of staff on a daily basis as well as general office management.

Patricia Sheils


Patricia will insure Fast and efficient control of the Financial Aspects of your project.

Marie McQuaid

Reception and administration

Siobhan Lennon

Reception and administration

Damien Holland

Service engineer

Damien is RGI certified, he specialises in customer support and servicing.

Bobby Donaghy

Commissioning engineer

Bobby is an electronical engineer fully trained in EuroSmart controls technology.

Rory Mc Quaid


Rory is a highly experienced installation engineer in floor heating and geothermal collectors.

Greg Lee


Greg is an experienced fitter trained in mechanical installation techniques.

Michael Lynch


Michael is a trained fitter in the mechanics of fluids experienced in floor heating and geothermal collectors.

Paul Gartland


Paul is an experienced engineer in mechanical plant room assembly.