Eurotech Group Aftercare

The Eurotech heating system operates without service for 3000 hours, systems have hour counters for your convince to order a service. However, in the unlikely event anything should happen, customer support is on hand to help customers become familiar with their system, phone and on site support will insure proper use of the system so you reap the benefits.

Manufacturer’s warranty work is provided by in house engineers and extended warranty may be purchased directly from Eurotech.

Aftercare Service contract

Eurotech Group offers an Annual aftercare contract for customer systems outside warranty. In our aftercare contract, labour and materials are charged at trade price saving you 30%, and you are placed on priority call out in the event of a brake down.

You will have peace of mind knowing your system has been serviced coming into the winter season and is operating at maximum output and performance. Our Aftercare service vans carry a large range of materials to cover all eventualities as well as all counties.

Thermal Imaging Survey

Thermal imaging surveys are available to customers on request to establish cold bridging, inadequate insulation or identify poor performing windows and doors for customers with excessive heat loss.

Service networking

Service tracking allows us to deal with call outs in an efficient manner and re-schedule the engineer who is closest to you if in difficulty.