Our Solution

Eurotech Group's renewable heating solution design and installation process involves constant contact with our clients to ensure they are happy with each step. Eurotech take time to explain different technologies, their implications, their advantages and disadvantages in the context of your project. We make sure our customers know exactly what is happening in each step of the design and installation of their heating solution.


We establish what kind of heating system the customer has in mind. Example: Radiators, floor heating or Air Conditioning etc. using Airthermal, Geothermal, Gas or Oil heating.

We meet with the customer to discuss their requirements and develop the best possible heating solution suited to their particular project.

We discuss the pros and cons of using alternative energy and investigate energy sources on site and the ease at which they can be harvested.

Design & Spec

Our in house design team will specify a complete heating solution using the highest quality components to ensure the heating system is tailor made to suit the needs of your project.

Factors such as insulation specification, window performance, orientation and size will all effect the specification of your heating system, and these details must be available.

Eurotech will provide specifications, schematics and cross sections to integrate building electrical and plumbing requirements once contract begins.


Eurotech Schedule site meeting to check the physicality’s of the installation and organise schedules.

Site specific requirements relating to civil work are then issued to project manager

A team of skilled engineers will install the necessary components of the system on site to pre determined mechanical designs. Pressure testing will ensure the integrity of the system and allow the follow up phase to begin.


The system is checked by specially trained engineers to ensure that all of the equipment is performing as per the manufactures specification, and the overall design.

We use the latest test equipment to verify performance before our commissioning engineer signs off on the commissioning reports.

To complete commissioning our engineer will perform a comprehensive demonstration of the system to the end user and hand over the O/M manuals.

Service and Support
Service and Support

Our customer service department provides support to new customers to ensure smooth operation of their system.

We provide full service contracts to maintain all of our systems outside of manufacturer’s warranty.

We offer full service to all products installed and stock the necessary replacement components.