Architects and Engineers

Eurotech offer a special service to assist architects & engineers in the overall design/build at an early stage to address pre planning issues. This ensures best location of plant and equipment, to maximise output and efficiency. Integrated thinking between ourselves and the architect/engineer will reduce environmental impact and improve aesthetics.

  • Hands on Assistance

  • Onsite Surveys Standard

  • Hassle free Integrated Design Solution

  • Ireland’s Best Renewable Solution

  • Complete Controls Solution

  • The Latest Technology, in Expert Hands

  • Comprehensive, Bespoke Heating

  • Software Led Proven Solutions

  • For the Best Energy Rating ("A")

Project management

Eurotech provide all of the technical information required associated with our system which will impact on builder, electrician, mechanical contractor, interior designer etc. detailed specifications and schematics are provided upon request to the architect or engineer.

Hands on assistance is available to ensure clarification and ease of installation throughout the project when dealing with unfamiliar territory. Eurotech provide integrated solutions with the design team to incorporate trades and equipment which impact on the overall project and interconnect in any way with our solution.

Can you send an engineer to the architect’s office to discuss a project?

Yes, we promote consultation at the earliest possible stage as it is vital to achieve maximum results.

Do Eurotech work in conjunction with the M&E consultant to devise a sustainable solution on large projects?

Yes, this is a very successful approach in developing an “A” rated renewable heating solution and will prevent any confusion in the overall mechanical design.

Will Eurotech provide a complete heating solution on smaller projects where an M&E consultant is not being employed?

Yes, Smaller projects such as domestic houses may not have mechanical and electrical design engineers in this case our in house design team will provide a guaranteed solution to comply with regulations and provide the required results.

Can Eurotech provide a fully designed, installed and commissioned system?

Yes directly or through our partner network we can provide a fully functional system which will deliver on all counts, comfort, satisfaction, economy, carbon reduction etc.

Will Eurotech provide on site surveys to existing properties?

Yes on site surveys are important and often open doors to energy sources not visible in paper work. This will help tailor a renewable heating solution that is appropriate to your site.

Can Eurotech project manage the entire heating installation and coordinate with the builder, plumber. Electrician etc?

Eurotech’s experience on site allows us to plan the entire heating project without difficulty. Integrating and coordinating trades is easily possible and often generates savings when coordinated properly.

Can Eurotech assist in obtaining the grant for renewables?

All government grants are paid directly to the owner or energy provider We will provide all of the relevant information to the client to assist their application.

What is in it for the architect?

• Improved BER rating on all projects
• A hassle free integrated design solution
• A bespoke solution to satisfy client’s expectations.
• Delivery of the highest quality renewable heating solution.
• Integration of tried and trusted sustainable systems for heating and hot water.
• Ability to offer their clients the latest technology in renewable heating.