Builders and developers on larger projects

Eurotech provide sustainable heating solutions from central plant rooms so the developer can become the energy provider. Renewable energy is distributed throughout the Eurotech system and monitored via a heat meter network for billing. A central plant room and monitoring system provides continuous heat with no interruption to individual apartments for servicing. Central energy generation makes the plant room the most valuable space in the project in terms of income. Eurotech’s experience in creating complete heating solutions using renewables on a broad spectrum of projects could benefit you.

  • High End, Energy Efficient Heating

  • Reliable, Commercial Heat Solutions

  • Limitless Potential, Fast Installation

  • Limitless Potential, Fast Installation

  • Designed and Specified

  • Deliver the Best Renewable Systems

  • Bespoke Service, Competitive Price

  • Ireland’s Authority on Heating Solutions

  • 25 Years of Expert Led Consultancy

Do Eurotech install the entire heating system?

Yes, Directly or through our partner network we can provide a nationwide installation service particularly for our renowned “A” rated system with guaranteed performance.

Will Eurotech also install the necessary plumbing system?

Eurotech do not provide plumbing installations however this service is available through some of our system partners. Eurotech will offer advice and a specification on a plumbing installation when necessary.

When a Eurotech system partner is fitting the system, can the builder get information and advice from Eurotech?

Yes, you have always direct communication access on partner installations, as all Eurotech systems are commissioned when completed by Eurotech engineers.

Can the developer use the Eurotech system providing heat at low cost and sell it to the clients when developing multiple units?

Yes, Eurotech provide a solution where the energy produced by Ochsner heat pumps is monitored to each unit and billed to the occupant from a central office.

If I install a Eurotech system, what are the benefits for me?

Yes, Eurotech provide a solution where the energy produced by Ochsner heat pumps is monitored to each unit and billed to the occupant from a central office.

Would Eurotech provide a solution to an existing building to reduce energy costs?

Yes, the best results to date is a reduction from € 45,000 per year using oil to € 19,000 the following year using Airthermal at an investment cost of € 94,000 which received grant aid to the value of € 29,000.

Can the builder get Eurotech to design the system?

Eurotech will design a renewable solution for part or the entire project. We work directly with the builder or alongside your heating consultant as preferred.

Will Eurotech guarantee the whole heating system?

Yes, Eurotech provide a 2 year warranty and offer an annual service contract to the end user or energy management company with an extended warranty option.

Will Eurotech give me any drawings for the electrician to guide him with the controls side of the system?

Eurotech will provide a full set of electrical installation diagrams and schematics to accompany the design specification.