Eurotech offer a unique service developed over 25 years to fit with Homeowners. Eurotech take time to explain different technologies, their implications, and advantages and disadvantages in the context of your project.
We offer self build clients the opportunity to evaluate solutions in the context of their project.

  • Comfort Without Compromise

  • Safe and Reliable for all the Family

  • User friendly EuroSmart Controls

  • 25 Years of Expertise

  • Warmth Whatever your Budget

  • Luxury Heat, Low Costs, Healthy Living

  • Ochsner, The World’s Leading Heat Pump

  • Eco-Friendly, A Rating

  • Computer Generated Solutions

We recommend the type of heating system suited to your budget and your requirements with future proofed design technique. Detail drawings are produced to benefit the builder and architect as well as yourself. Our engineers will assist with queries from electrician’s builders and plumbers. This service is often commented on ensuring ease of installation. We provide a requirements list to guide clients in preparing the necessary information to accomplish a bespoke design. This enables a tailor made renewable solution with low running cost and affordable. For best results, we have in place a project works system to track all aspects of the installation.

The system is installed to comply with all relevant regulations. Customers are made aware of any government grants and assisted with applications. Eurotech offer advice on insulation, cold bridging and materials as well as floor finishes and their implications. On completion we offer guidance and demonstration on system use and our engineers are always available to answer questions. Customers receive excellent aftercare ensuring that the system performs to its maximum capacity for many comfortable years

Will Eurotech design my heating system?

Yes, we will design a complete package to provide all heating and hot water requirements with emphasis on low operating cost and high comfort. We offer a complete design and installation package to customers who require it.

If I get a plumber to fit my underfloor heating, will Eurotech supply a heat pump to make the heat?

We would require a copy of the design criteria for the underfloor heating system as installed to allow us design a heat pump solution best suited to your system.

Will Eurotech provide a complete heating solution on smaller projects where an M&E consultant is not being employed?

Yes, Smaller projects such as domestic houses may not have mechanical and electrical design engineers in this case our in house design team will provide a guaranteed solution to comply with regulations and provide the required results.

Would Eurotech recommend a ground system or borehole to heat my house?

A site visit to survey your site and location is most important; this investigation may take 60 mins and prove in-valuable in selecting the best heat source.

How long would it take the heat pump to heat my cylinder?

When using the Eurosaver geo geo cylinder it takes 30 minutes for the heat pump to heat your cylinder. The heat pump monitors the cylinders temperature and tops it up when you use water so you never run out of hot water.

Does it take EuroFast floor heating long to heat up?

There is no delay time experienced when using EuroFast floor heating in conjunction with EuroSmart controls, this system was developed to overcome the delay time associated with underfloor heating.

Should I get weather compensation on the underfloor heating?

Weather compensation is highly recommended in Ireland due to the variation in weather from day to day. All of our EuroFast floor heating systems have weather guided facility.

I want to heat my house and swimming pool, can your system do both?

Yes, we have many examples of our system been designed to do space heating, hot water and pool heating, with everything controlled by the Smartpad.

Can I have different zones?

Yes, each room is a separate heating zone, en-suites are also a separate zone. You can select 23°c in the en-suite and 18°c in the bedroom, the choice is yours, the system is so easy to use.

Can I have heat recovery ventilation with your A rated system?

Yes, if your house is air tight then we can design a heat recovery ventilation system into the heating solution controlled by EuroSmart.

How much will the system cost to run?

Built to 2008 building regulations, no heat recovery. For space heating and hot water cost:
House size 450m² = heating cost average €1’163.00 per year
House size 236m² = heating cost average € 770.00 per year (examples taken from systems over period March 2009/March 2010 )
We can provide recorded costs for house size 125m² up to 1400m²